Monday, July 25, 2011

Tips On Finding a Best Budget Hotel

Tips On Finding a Best Budget Hotel

For all we know, Manila is the city proper of the Philippines. For those who are fond of traveling, we all know that Manila is the most often place where travelers go inside and outside the country.

After a long drive, you are so tired and really wanted to take some rest but “where” is the question to be answered. If you are looking for some place to rest, you don't have to doubt to enter one of the Best Hotels in Manila.

Hotels in Manila are divided into two categories. If you are a budget-conscious person, you are looking for a budget hotel or cheap hotels. These budget hotels provide lodging services but is very affordable for the guests. The rate for every room has a very low cost. The accommodation of this hotel is not as good as the luxury hotels.

What if you don't care about the money issue and looking for some place, which will definitely cope with you with better accommodations? So then, you are looking for a luxury hotel. Luxury hotels are cost much compare to budget hotels. The services of luxury hotels are much better than budget hotels.

The points here are, first, finding a budget hotel, and the other point is, considering your budget, even if you're in a luxury hotel. Confused? You should not because there is an easy explanation on that one. This means that a luxury hotel can also be a cheap or budget hotel. For you to know more. Here are some tips you should consider to make the luxury hotel just like a budget hotel.

Let us start.

1. Using the internet, you can book yourself but there is one thing, book yourself as early as possible. Some hotels give freebies to the customers who booked early.

2. Tripping off season. Why? When you trip during off season, the demands of the hotels are low so the big possibility is that the price of the rooms will also cost low.

3. One of the important things is the location. If the location of the hotel is beautiful just like a paradise. Then, look for another hotel because if they have a beautiful view, more or less, the cost is heavy.

4. Connecting to people. It has two meanings. First, if you have a relative working in a hotel and he or she has a high position on that hotel. You can probably get a discount. The second meaning of this one is, if you have a relative who already checked-in on some hotels, they can give you advices and recommendations to find a cheaper hotel.

5. Avoid booking with a lot of attachments and amenities like pool and massage. This will surely make the rent of the room high.

    Now, if you are looking for some budget hotels. Just remember these tips and you will find it. These are few tips only, so there are still more. There is a lot of things you can do to find a Budget Hotel in Manila or make the hotel more affordable.

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    Wednesday, July 13, 2011

    Guaranteed Budget Hotels in Manila

     Want to visit in Manila, but you find that staying in hotels are too expensive? Don't you worry there are various of choices and accommodations that are found here in Manila that you sure can afford. Budget hotels in Manila are perfect for those vacationing tourist and businessmen who had a tight budget. You can save now your money with these cheap hotels.

    Aside from staying at Malate Pensionne (Manila's best budget hotel), here are some list of the affordable hotels in Manila.
    • 24H Apartment Hotel

    Located in Makati, but it won't cost you an arm & leg. It is a simple and straight forward guaranteed of 24 hours from check in time. 24H Apartment Hotel's studious is generously spacious that can give you enough comfortable and give a full service to their residences. Their studio room price per night is only Php1,750.00 with the maximum of three persons occupancy. 24H Apartment Hotel is exactly located on 1406 Vito Cruz Extension corner Balagtas Street Makati City.

    • Manila Grand Opera Hotel

    It is also as “theater with history” for many years. It has Free Wi-Fi internet access, with dining facilities to cater for your business meetings or for your personal needs. It is a few kilometers away from Domestic International Airports. You can now experience the luxury of a five Star Hotel at the rate of a three Star Hotel. Their standard room price per night is only Php2,000.00 with the maximum occupancy of a three person. Manila Grand Opera Hotel is located at 925 Rizal Ave. cor Doroteo Jose st. Sta. Cruz Manila.

    • Stone house Bed & Breakfast Manila

    A budget hotel Quezon City that offers you truly affordable comfortable accommodations with classic room amenities, complete facilities with a warm Filipino Hospitality. Rest assured that every room promises you the much needed rest and relaxation that you want. For only Php1,222.36 you can now afford their standard double room or get a family room for only Php2,051.52 and experience the luxury that you want in a hotel. Booked now on 1315 E. Rodriguez Ave., Barangay Kristong Hari, Quezon City. They are near in St. Luke's Hospital and T. Morato.

    • Great Eastern Hotel, Manila

    The latest landmark of Quezon City. It provides a home away from home with the world class amenities in the business, shopping and government centers. It has been the first, first class hotel in Quezon City for the past six years. You can now afford their twin room for only P1, 500.00 and their suit room is now only Php2,600.00 price per night. Like the other hotels you can also experience the warm Filipino hospitality. Their hotel are located to 7842 Makati Avenue Makati City, Manila.

    • Shogun Suites Hotel

    Centrally located so near in everything. It is 20 minutes away drive to airport, 10 minutes away from Mall of Asia and 2 minutes walking distance from LRT and MRT stations. It is a budget hotels for travelers and balikbayans. For only Php2,450.00 you can now afford their club room with the maximum occupancy of four persons. Shogun Suites Hotel is located on 2867 Zamora st. Rotonda, Pasay City , Manila.

    • Artina Suites Hotel

    Your cozy and busting home in Makati. They offer the convenience of a home in comfortable and a cheerful surroundings. You can now enjoy staying at Artina Suites Hotel whether its daily, weekly or monthly with their friendly and gracious staff that working 24 hours to provide the need of their clients. Their family room is cost only for P3, 000.00 with the maximum occupancy of three adults and three children. They were located at 2863 E Zobel Street,Poblacion Makati, Manila.

    Now you can't believe that with these cheap hotels, you can still experience the luxury that you want in a hotel? Believe it or not they can offer too, the luxury and comfortable that you might think only five star hotels can offer. You don't have to worry because, even if they were only cheap or a budget hotel, they were guaranteed their clients that their service is really great, and you can feel as if you were on your own house or in a luxurious hotel that you've been dreaming.

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    Thursday, June 30, 2011

    Finding a Good and Affordable Philippine Hotels

    Getting a good quality hotel that suits your budget when you are going on a vacation or a business trip can be challenging. Finding good and affordable hotels have so many things to consider and available options.

    More often, budget hotels mean dirty carpets, smelly bathrooms, no hot or cold water and greasy foods. You may have so many nightmare stories about the things that could commonly happen in some cheap hotels you have stayed in such as a smoke from the neighborhood filling up the entire room, a noisy drunken men roaming on the corridor or laughter from the next room. To avoid these nightmares, here are some guides to help you in finding a good and affordable hotel:

    Take Advantage on Internet Reviews

    Finding an affordable hotel is useless if it is not going to be a good one. The best way to find both good and affordable hotel is by reading best hotel reviews from other people through the internet.

    Take note of the facilities

    Always check out the most important facilities that you will use during your stay. Determine first your travel purpose whether it's for business or pleasure.

    Decide on the price range wherein you and your pocket will absolutely be comfortable. Settle for the maximum and minimum limit in your mind and then you may begin searching for the hotel, inn or apartment that will suit within your range. However, bear in mind that the budget went to very low accommodation facilities can destruct your trip and develop unnecessary inconveniences. Make sure that your money will be worth it.

    Choose Recommended Hotels

    Personal recommendations are not always perfectly reliable. Consider looking for booking sites that have a customer's feedback or comments page. Comments and feed backs are usually short. People don't care about anything, they only speak out their mind if they had a good stay or negative comments to make.

    Location Factor

    Always consider locations too in finding a good hotel. It can always determine the hotel cost too. Be sure that you would be happy with your chosen location.

    Choose the Right Timing

    Traveling on off – peak season like mid weeks and school days to get some great bargains. Avoid booking on school holidays and weekends. During off – peak season, prices are down and the odds are high that you will save a lot on your hotel booking.

    Employee friendly hotel is also one the most important factor to look for in a quality and affordable hotel. This is ideal for families going on vacation with children. Book in a hotel with facilities and environment suitable for children. This will definitely make your family trip very enjoyable.

    Always remember, quality is also important in finding a budget - friendly hotel. Good and affordable hotels are everywhere. You can absolutely experience quality and affordable hotels in the wide selections of Philippine hotels.


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    Friday, June 17, 2011

    Summer – The Best Season for House Selling

    Summer can be the best season to sell a house. During these hot months, outdoor spaces and landscaping come alive. Buyers nowadays are looking for an expanded living areas and like usable outdoor space. Here, the are also lots of beautiful Philippine Hotels to stay at.

    Actually, outdoor spaces can bring in big in money. Today, backyards and even outdoor patios have to be much more important. Most people are now looking for outdoor features like gazebo, built in grills or outdoor fireplace. There are many people who have fallen in love and decided to buy the house just before they came inside the house.

    A trend has been also identified by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB). Most home buyers look for homes with a link between indoor and outdoor spaces, even in colder climates. It is to create the intuition of greater home size, even if the space is only usable for a season.

    We have provided here some tips to take advantage of summer house selling:

    • Keep your house cool. During showings and open houses, don't forget to turn up your air conditioning to a comfortable level. Or you could just use fans or open windows for breezes for a nice atmosphere.

    • Heat can also bring out the worst of smells in a house. When you list your house for sale, have your carpets clean and be sure that you clean your home before showing it potential buyers. Focus your attention in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen since it mostly gives an unpleasant smell.

    • Always keep your yard, pool and landscaping well maintained. Poorly maintained yard cannot only reduce its curb appeal but can also piss off buyers.

    • If you cannot perform all the task each week, hire some workers to keep your yard looking great. Your expenses will come back after you make the sale.

    • Landscaping is expensive and buyers absolutely know that. Your landscaping will be your most valuable asset in summer house selling.

    • As a politeness to potential buyers, also consider composing a list of locally recommend gardener, handyman and pool maintenance companies.

    • Presenting patio and balcony are very important. These spots get a lot of use from family gatherings to outdoor picnics.

    Keep in mind that proper caring for the outdoor living spaces is very important in selling a house specially during summer. Take full advantage of all your home has to offer in making a sale. But before you sign or jump ahead to get a good simple house that you dream of, I think staying for some nice budget hotel can help you minimized your allotted money. 


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    Monday, June 13, 2011

    Scouting For Hotels In Manila

    For many travelers, Manila is often considered as the gateway to the Philippines. However, with all the hubbub that is going around the city, finding a good place to stay in would be quite tricky. But this does not mean that it is impossible.

    In fact, you will actually find out that scouting for a hotel in Manila is actually going to be as exciting as touring the city itself. And to make things even easier, here are some quick tips that you can use as a guide for booking a hotel in the city.

    For those looking for high end luxury hotels, the nearby city of Makati would definitely be your prime target. Being one of the of the country's major commercial and financial centers, it is really unsurprising that you will find a lot of high class luxury hotels nestled in the city. 
    This includes the local branches of such widely successful international hotel chains like Shangri-La and Intercontinental.

    On the other hand, the main city of Manila also has a large number of hotels that many travelers have found very satisfying. One of the most notable of this is the Manila Hotel near Rizal park, which is well known for its rich history and for being a stay for some of the most renowned international celebrities to have visited the country. Meanwhile, the district of Malate is fast becoming a popular destination for hotel seekers, as there are also numerous good Malate Hotels here that are taking advantage of the district booming nightlife.

    One thing that will definitely be to the liking of many travelers here is that it is in fact rather easy to book a hotel in Manila. In fact, most hotels here actually offer online reservations, which means that you can easily book a room via the net weeks before you actually arrive. On the other hand, many hotels also still offer the traditional means of booking via phone, which many travelers still find very convenient.

    Manila's hotel rates are also on the competitive range, with extra charges also on the affordable side. However, do take note that rates on the higher class hotels here would definitely be on the expensive side.

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